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You can also become a Certified Loan Signing Agent. Your potential Income as a part-time Loan Signing Agent could be $100 per hour making roughly $2,000 a month and a full time Loan Signing Agent could generate up to $10,000 a month as a full time Notary Signing Agent.

Different jurisdictions allow notaries to perform additional acts. You should always verify with your states statue to be sure of what is allowed in your state.

I am not an attorney and cannot give any legal advice

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What jobs can a Notary Public perform?

Always check your state's Notary laws and regulations, to see what jobs you are allowed to perform.

Mobile Notary Services

Certified Loan Signing Agent

Wedding Officiant

I-9 Employer Verification

Courier Services

Testimony Witness

Remote Proctor Services

Field Inspections


Auto Photo Inspections

DNA Specimen Collection Services

Remote Online Notarization (RON)

Safe Deposit Box Inventory

VIN & Odometer Verification Services

Notary Coaching

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What is a No​tary Public?

Notaries are public officials appointed by the governments of 50 U.S. states, to serve the citizens as trusted, impartial witnesses to legal document signings and transactions. They are strictly limited to the boundaries of the appointing state or jurisdiction and to the term of the commission by upholding the law of the appointing state or jurisdiction.  A Notary is an official of integrity appointed by state government, typically by the Secretary of State.  Notaries may not offer any legal advice.

What is a ​Notary's duty?

A Notary's duty is to verify the signer's identification, make sure signer is willing to sign document without being forced and make sure the signer knows what document they're signing.  They're certified to witness and confirm the signing of documents. Some notarizations also require the Notary to put the signer under an oath.  Notaries are used to control the acts of fraud.

Why become a Notary Public?

Make Additional Income

Become a Notary Signing Agent

To be your own boss

Enjoy a Flexible Schedule

Gain financial freedom

What is a Notary Signing Agent (NSA) aka Loan Signing Agent (LSA)?

A Notary Signing Agent (NSA)also known as a Loan Signing Agent (LSA) is notary that has passed a background screening and completed additional certification and training to conduct a successful loan signing.  Agencies will hire them as independent contractors to conduct real estate loan signings.  The NSA's will notarize and certify financial and legal documents related to loan documents.  Like a notary, NSA's may not offer any legal advice, clarification of terms or interpretation of the document to the signer.  Notaries my notarize documents concerning financial services, legal services and business services.  They are hired at the final stages of a loan to assist with the document handling and processing.

How to start a Mobile Notary business?