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Mobile Notary, Wedding Officiant, St Augustine, FL, I-9 Verification, Certified Loan Signing Agent
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Fees and Payment Methods

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Methods of Payments

We accept Cash, Zelle, PayPal, Cash App, Debit, Major Credit Cards, Square, Stripe and Venmo

Travel Fee will be included at $2.00 per mile round trip at time of service

*General Notarization $10.00 per notary stamp plus $7.50 each additional signature

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*Need a Witness $30.00

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*Wedding Officiant starting at $150.00

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Wedding Ceremony Deposit ($50.00 - Non-Refundable)

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*Wedding Ceremony Balance

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*I-9 Employer Verification $25

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*Testimony Witness $80.00

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*DNA Specimen Collection Services $25.00

Plus $2.00 mile

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*V.I.N and Odometer Verification $25.00 ​

Plus $2.00 per mile

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*Witness $30.00

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*Print Edocs ​- $1.00 per page

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*Scan Backs ​- $15.00

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*Remote Exam Proctor Services $25.00 per hour

Plus $2.00 per mile

Loan Signing Pricings depends on the size of packet, last minute and mileage

Real Estate Loan Document Signing Fees: $125 - $200

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*Loan Signings $75.00

*Loan Signings $100.00

*Loan Signing $125.00

*Loan Signings $150.00

*Loan Signings $175.00

*Loan Signings $200.00

Last Minute Assignments will require an additional 35% fee

Last Minute or Rush Jobs will require 50% Deposit

Plus ​​35% Surcharge will be included

Balance Due upon delivery

Before & After hours (5pm)

Rush Services

Weekend and Holiday Service

Notary Permit Runner

1st Permit $50.00 then

2 to 4 Permits $25.00 each then

5 up Permits 20.00 each additional

Notary Courier Servi​ce $2.00 per miles

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EZ NOTARY ON THE GO, LLC  in St Augustine, FL 

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