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Are you looking for the best Auto Photo Inspector and Notary Courier Services near St Augustine, FL?

Auto Photo Inspection:

Photo Inspectors make an appointment to meet the involved parties to verify V.I.N. and odometer numbers, take photos of the damaged areas and all side of the vehicles.  I can work with car insurance companies, lenders, investors, or any other relevant business; take photos or inspect any site as requested.  The process is ensured to be reliable and professional.  Most time, inspections are needed for purchases, insurance underwritings and as evidence for legal proceedings.  You can rest assure the job will be done efficiently.

Notary Courier Services:

Most of the time, getting a document delivered is also required, alongside signing it. Doing it yourself can waste a lot of your time and money.

Since 2019, EZ NOTARY ON THE GO, LLC has been providing this service and saving all our clients’ valuable time. By using a Notary Permit Runner (NPR), all the required applications and related paperwork for a building project or any other legal procedure are managed. I will take your documents from your doorstep and deliver them back quickly and efficiently. Schedule the pickup and delivery of your documents at affordable rates!

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Best Notary Permit Runner serving St Johns and Putnam Counties

Let's face it, you get paid for doing the job, not standing in a line.  Don't waste hours of your valuable time driving from city to city to navigate the maze of city building departments.  Let us do it for you!

Let a Notary Permit Runner (NPR), give excellent representation for your business.  We specialize in over-the-counter Permit pulls and Recording Service fast and easy for you.  A Notary Permit Runner presents applications, plans or the necessary paperwork for a building project to the building or other local and state departments for their permission. The NPR obtains (pulls) the permit; then either faxes or mails a copy to the builder or drops the permit off to the site location.

Services Offered:

Permit Processing

Courier Services 

Job Site Posting

Inspection Scheduling

Flat Rate Fees:

Mileage is calculated by $2.00 per mile (round trip)

1st Permit $50.00 plus additional $2.00 per mile then 

2 to 4 Permits will be $25.00 each permit 

5 & up Permits will be $20.00 each permit 

Notary Courier Services $25.00 plus additional $2.00 per mile round trip

Notary Stamp $10.00 each plus additional $2.00 per mile

$7.50 each additional signer

Rush Services within 2 Hours pickup- Additional 35%

After 6pm & Before 8am, Last Minute, Rush Service - Additional 35% Surcharge

Weekend & Holiday - Additional 35% Surcharge

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Vehicle Photo Inspection Services

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Notary Courier Services

Mobile Notary Services